Buying Generic Medications Online

First of all, let us be clear, if you are shopping online and buy something then consider that money is gone and you are not going to get anything of value, and this maintains for amazon, walmart anything you buy online.

Luckily, there are honest vendors out there and this site was created to assist people in making a wise choice in the pharmacy needs.

The first thing you need to keep in mind when ordering on line is generally many of the shops are overseas so there is a long time difference, kindly understand if there is up to a day delay in receiving replies, you want the lowest priced quality medications or a fair priced then you need to understand that most of the worlds medication is created in India / Europe or other places. Even named brand medications are generally produced by a firm with plants in India or Turkey or similar.

Second, check your spam email boxes, often times firms reply to you but your email programs will classify their replies as SPAM and automatically put their emails into your spam box. This is especially true of Hotmail / MSN / Icloud / AOL / Yahoo. Please always check your spam box.

Third most vendors due to restrictions put on payment processors by Big Pharma and lobbyists will not be allowed to take Credit or Debit Cards anymore. The powers that be want to control how you can spend your own funds and limit you to purchasing high and over priced medications to line their pockets. So learning and using a crypto coin like Bitcoin / Litecoin or others is important. Most if not all Pharmacies prefer crypto coin. I know this scares people but crypto coin is honestly a safe and effective way to do your ordering on line.

For those that do not use a crypto coin, there are pharmacies that take Echeck which is online payment through your bank account. This is a safe option and easy option for money with high security controls. Most firms use a USA based Echeck online payment processor and have controls set up to mandate verbal authentication before any charges can be made.

Some others take wire transfers or MoneyGram or similar.

Find a shop you like from our site, sort by payment types accepted, or however, and place your order and follow their ordering instructions on each site. And don’t forget to come back and leave a review of the shop !

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